extremely impressive; inspiring great admiration

You have one. Or know one. Maybe even are one.

Awesome Moms are all around us, going about their daily lives like superheroes in a thinly veiled disguise. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes. They defy expectations and overcome obstacles.

They are remarkable. And they deserve to be celebrated.

The Awesome Mom Project is a multi-episode podcast spanning topics as diverse as finding confidence in your approach to mothering, to the *** you get from other parents; the new face of "mothering" to the battle to get our kids (and ourselves) to a better place.

Even though we've already completed 40 interviews across the United States, we know there are more stories to tell. Do you know an Awesome Mom (we know you do!)? Are you an Awesome Mom (we know you are!)? Drop us a line and tell us what makes you/them so great!

We're not live yet, but getting close. Give us your details and we'll keep you posted!